Tattooing for beginners:👍 Tattooing CLOSE UP 🔍in REAL TIME: Lining, Shading, color packing and more🤘

Tattooing for beginners:👍 Tattooing CLOSE UP 🔍in REAL TIME: Lining, Shading, color packing and more🤘

Tattooing for beginners:👍 Tattooing CLOSE UP 🔍in REAL TIME: Lining, Shading, color packing and more🤘


42 thoughts on “Tattooing for beginners:👍 Tattooing CLOSE UP 🔍in REAL TIME: Lining, Shading, color packing and more🤘

  1. M tattoo lover frm Tibet,I haven't seen such a talented n honest tatto artist on utube,even if u go to tatto training they vil not teach u clearly as u showing to ur viewers,rely thank u so much n wish u a peace n vry beautyfull life n wil get 100000000000000000000 unlemited subscribers,lov u bro

  2. Hey thank you for being so detailed on how u would tattoo I'm a young up coming tattoo artist and I have learn alot form u so far ur amazing thank you very much…form all the way in south America( guyana) respect..

  3. I have been watching you videos since last week and i learned alot of things from basic tools and needs, btw i'm a newbie, all of your vids was really helpful to me and also to us. God bless🙏

  4. good job bro verry helpful video for those soon to be artist 👍 thanks soo much bro for sharing your knowledge ,keep it up bro godspeed♠️

  5. First off, thanks for your efforts, i have been an artist my whole life but only recently started tattooing. I am 60+ years walking this planet but still a student of all arts.Dont know if you have time to answer a question but here it is. It seems starting at the bottom will cause your hand to move over all the fresh ink. What is the reason you use this technique as opposed to starting at the top and not rubbing the fresh ink? Anyway, great vids, thanks for helping all us new guys…..

  6. awesome inspirational video keep up the epic work brother,as ive been watching and learning for a long time now ive finally bought my first tattoo equipment down to you so a massive thank you so much for your content, ill practice on some fruit then put some eyebrows on the dog and maybe a moustache

  7. On your stencil are you using a tgermal printer? Also you're using stencil stuff for the transfer correct? I draw out my stencil by hand and a lot of times when I'm using Spirit/stencil stuff and hand drawn the stencil on the skin isnt as dark. I've been thinking of making sure i use the freehand stencil spirit paper, or getting a thermal printer…what do u recommend?

  8. Thank you SO MUCH for these vids I JUST discovered you and you have been such a help. I couldn’t have done it without them!!

  9. Having spent the last 3 years in and out of (his schedule issues) one-on-one training for removal, areola and PMU all with coil machine AND on pigs ears, which are not forgiving at all, I have to say that your videos exceed the vision of what is hands-on taught in the classroom. Don't get me wrong, I have learned much of what you advise in respect of practice, terminology, technique BUT…DUDE…I just put my glasses on, roll my chair up to the screen and true, understandable lessons begin with you. I see myself doing all of the things you do, as I have been trained to do them yet your ability to communicate in real time with real words and real honesty while keeping it real is quite humbling and exhilarating. Taking my skill in the physical training with perfecting (the requirements of the class) each line from 1/4" to 1" then curve and so on, repeatedly for days on end and having worked in skin for different reasons or use of different media but bored or feeling less-confident than I should considering all of the above and the $$ involved and now taking YOUR light and airy but factual methodology…I think I can just about conquer the world (or at least a world tattoo including lining, separation, whipshading, etc). Everything you record, I have been taught but you honestly teach it better. So thanks from a 51-year old whose been around the continuing education block. You have a gift. Thank you for sharing your gift. Many will say the same thank you's but few will really know the seeds you have sown. For me, my new you-tube friend, I now have a new leaf on my tree of learning. Ad-lib the words of Wayne and Garth, "I am not worthy, I am not worthy". Truly, thank you.
    NEWBIES: This industry is stingy and most or almost all artists, whether talented or shoddy, are not willing to share tips, tricks, knowledge or even suppliers. For anyone having viewed these videos, you have been, FOR FREE, trained by a master! Consider the blessing and be forever thankful.

  10. I literally been practicing a lot on fake skins possibly moving my way up to tattoo actual friends something simple to get the feel for it and your channel has been helping me a lot bro I really appreciate the content you upload here 🤟

  11. hello thanks for the videos. can you make a video about which tattoo ink is the best for each colors? reds, blues, greens, yellow, pastels, white, black,, ect? whats your favorite ink?

  12. I have no interest in becoming a tattoo artist, but I did really enjoy your video and found it useful because I am getting my first tattoo next week and wanted to see the process up close. Doesn't look too bad at all.

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