65 Beautiful Cupcake Tattoos (only the best photos!)

65 Beautiful Cupcake Tattoos (only the best photos!)

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World pop trend, the cupcakes they are small decorated cakes, decorated with radiant toppings and served individually. It revolutionized gastronomy due to the versatility of the ingredients, its easy to bake, and its quick assembly. Today it is an area that attracts countless investors who are betting on this lucrative business, whether they are opening franchises, corporate events, small meetings, parties and weddings. It is a real craze among addicts, lovers and admirers of desserts.

Its origin is undefined and there is still no consensus. Some give credit to Amelia Simms who first mentioned in his book “American Cuisine”, in 1796, a recipe for a cake with reduced cups. Others claim that the person responsible for creating the cupcake it was the American Eliza Leslie, who registered this recipe. Interestingly, before it became popular and a worldwide fever, the British had long since baked the traditional “Fairy Cakes” (individual fairy cake) – individual portion of vanilla cake with fondant topping. In Australia it is known as “Patty Cakes”, that is, pie cake.

Fun, magical, delicate, cheerful, eclectic, charming, stunning, pleasant and festive are indispensable attributes in the presentation of a cupcake. These singularities are expressed in tattoos whether in the choice of vibrant colors as well as in the decorative and fanciful formats. Preferred among the female audience for the association with the child and playful sides. Expresses a gentle, energetic, sweet, happy, playful and naive mood. There are countless ways to express your festive side! Check out our gallery below 65 suggestions for cupcake tattoos inspiring and celebrate life:

Picture 1 – It looks so real it makes you want to eat!

Picture 2 – Cherry bomb!

Picture 3 – Never settle for just one cupcake!

Picture 4 – A delicious cupcake pair on the feet

Picture 5 – Cooking makes life sweeter!

Picture 6 – Realistic, decorated and decorated with a beautiful bow

Image 7 – More fun version with explosion of colors and flavors

Image 8 – Two beautiful and well executed cupcakes on the fingers

Image 9 – A sweet pair on the wrists

Picture 10 – Vibrant and energetic!

Image 11 – In watercolored tones on the shoulder

Image 12 – Who said cupcakes can't have a face?

Picture 13 – Beautiful girl in costume in the middle of the cupcake

Picture 14 – Yummy!

Image 15 – Realistic cupcake with a meaningful phrase on the foot

Image 16 – Contour tattoo on the wrist

Image 17 – A musical and passionate cupcake

Picture 18 – Delicious, cupcakes please everyone

Image 19 – In shades of gray incredibly decorated

Picture 20 – Sweet with hearts, bow and butterflies around

Image 21 – A special cupcake in honor of Sado

Picture 22 – Funny and happy cupcake on the finger

Image 23 – Very feminine full of delicate ornaments

Image 24 – Realistic design on the foot

Image 25 – With striking lines and watercolors

Image 26 – Colorful sprinkles and an illustrious cherry on top

Image 27 – How about a chocolate flavored cupcake?

Picture 28 – I have this cupcake!

Picture 29 – Bold and colorful in the hand

Picture 30 – Life is sweet!

Picture 31 – Include other elements meant and personalize your tattoo

Image 32 – Which of the cupcake versions do you prefer?


Image 33 – Colorful cupcake tattoo on the arm

Picture 34 – Cupcake full of style and personality!


Picture 35 – Pink cover with fun confectionery

Image 36 – Invent and create your own cupcake

Image 37 – Impossible not to fall in love!

Image 38 – A double noise on the feet

Picture 39 – Welcome to the world of fantasy!

Image 40 – In honor of your parents

Image 41 – Enjoy rock? Mix it all up!

Picture 42 – All you need is love … and a cupcake!

Image 43 – A cupcake for Mila

Image 44 – The smallest cupcake


Image 45 – How about a strawberry cupcake?


Image 46 – Stay sweet!

Image 47 – Full of ornaments

Image 48 – Petit cupcake on the leg


Picture 49 – You are so beautiful!

Picture 50 – Modern and contemporary design

Picture 51 – How about a cupcake ring?

Picture 52 – The cupcake party on your arm!


Image 53 – A test of friendship!


Picture 54 – Add other drawings that you like: how about a bow and pearls?


Image 55 – A sign of love

Image 56 – Realistic cupcake on the foot

Picture 57 – The land of fantasy is here!

Picture 58 – A delicious gift!

Image 59 – The cupcake matches in any area of ​​the body!

Image 60 – Eat me?


Image 61 – Old School Tattoo


Image 62 – Incredibly vibrant and fun!


Imagem 63 – Um viajante do mar


Imagem 64 – Que tal seu novo e fofo anel de cupcake?


Imagem 65 – Pequenino e charmoso cupcake no pulso