50 Beautiful Tinker Bell Tattoos (best photos!)

50 Beautiful Tinker Bell Tattoos (best photos!)

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THE Tinker Bell is a character created by British author James Matthew Barrie, in 1904, through the work “The boy who never wanted to grow” – whose story revolves around the protagonist Peter Pan, the adventurous boy created by fairies and who lived in a charming land called Neverland, in which he never aged. Tinker Bell or affectionately called Small bell in Brazil he is his loyal companion for whom he has romantic feelings. His greatest desire is to have his size so that he can embrace him. The most well-known version of the fairy and used until today by Disney it is the one with blond hair tied in a bun, light skin, blue eyes, pointed ears, graceful wings in her green dress, made from a leaf. Mischievous and with a strong and captivating temperament, she always takes her magic powder with her, which allows others to fly as well. In addition to being the representative character and one of the main spokespersons for Disney, Sininho is already the protagonist of his own films and makes important appearances both in Disney theme parks as well as in video games.

Small bell is beautiful, enlightened, sensitive, charming creature. She is the one protects, guides, instructs and leads Peter Pan. Not by chance, fairy means destiny. And she is the one who starts to intervene in a magical way on her way. Furthermore, the fairy figure Small bell represents the nostalgia, youth, innocence, power of imagination. And, alongside Peter Pan, he manifests eternally childlike behavior and immortality. Having the ability to fly symbolizes the free spirit and independence. Giving that same power to others already represents the ability to achieve a goal and / or dream.

Charismatic, Small bell it is capable of arousing countless interpretations. There are those who identify with your personality. Others choose it just to admire its beauty. Anyway, each one is responsible for its particular definition. Before tattooing, check out our gallery below for 50 incredible suggestions for Tinkerbell tattoos and fly in search of new adventures:

Image 1 – Highlight for feminine elements: wings, flowers and precious stone

Picture 2 – Precious, colorful and cheerful Tinker Bell

Image 3 – The dynamic duo that never grows!

Picture 4 – Contour tattoo with watercolored tones

Picture 5 – A perfect combination: Tinker bell and butterfly

Image 6 – Delicate and well-outlined features

Image 7 – Illuminated with its pirlimpimpim powder

Image 8 – Very feminine with a meaningful phrase

Image 9 – Believe!

Picture 10 – Tinkerbell tattoo in shades of gray on the arm

Image 11 – One of the most frequent representations

Image 12 – Enjoy the tattoo area and include your favorite texture!

Picture 13 – The vibrant and watercolored tones make the tattoo more cheerful and fun!

Image 14 – Non-continuous contours give more lightness to the tattoo

Picture 15 – Colorful, energetic and lively!

Image 16 – How about giving more personality including a strong word next to your Tinker Bell?


Picture 17 – Believe in fairies!

Picture 18 – Full of personality and style!

Picture 19 – Tinker knows everything, sees everything!

Picture 20 – Tinker bell tattoo covered all over the leg


Picture 21 – Love is in the air!

Image 22 – Colors give more life to the most loved fairy!


Image 23 – Impossible to resist your charms!


Picture 24 – Add a backdrop for your Tinker Bell and give it more personality!

Image 25 – Tinker bell and her magic wand

Image 26 – Version of Tinkerbell with a more comic touch

Image 27 – With angel wings, glasses and his hammer

Image 28 – Don't forget the magic

Picture 29 – A beautiful fairy that lives at your feet!

Picture 30 – Colorful flowers around the Tinker Bell

Picture 31 – Believe in the dream!

Picture 32 – Who likes the most vibrant and colorful Tinker Bell?


Picture 33 – More daring and ready for the party!

Image 34 – The magic of Tink


Image 35 – In honor of Kira

Image 36 – Believe!

Image 37 – The scenery and well executed details make all the difference!

Picture 38 – Magic Tinker Bell in gray in hand

Image 39 – Iconic Disney figure

Image 40 – Shadows and contours very well worked

Picture 41 – Tinker Bell Tattoo


Image 42 – Full of brightness and light


Image 43 – Those who believe are not lost

Image 44 – Who said that Tink must always wear her original costume?

Image 45 – In honor of two important fairies in your life

Image 46 – Never grow!

Picture 47 – Colorful Tinker Bell tattoo on the leg


Image 48 – With your companion from all adventures

Image 49 – How about daring and using creativity?


Picture 50 – The whole group gathered!


Imagem 51 – Em tons de cinza também dá super certo!


Imagem 52 – Charmosa e encantadora